Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eating out vs. eating at home

I love to eat out. However, for me, it is more of a treat then anything. Not only from a cost standpoint, but a nutritional standpoint as well. Did you know that some restaurants will give you, say, a serving of pasta that is more like 4 servings?? And a serving of steak is 3 ounces, yet you go out and get a 12 ounce steak. (Although I could put away a 12 ounce steak if it's on my plate). That's why I like to measure out my own portions at home. I love when the grocery store has boneless, skinless chicken breast on sale (this week it's $1.77/lb). Do you know what that equals per 3 ounce serving?

About 35 cents.

Porterhouse steak was just on sale for $4.99/lb, and yeah, I bought one! Got 3 servings out of it too (about 4-5 ounces each). I just checked the menu for a local restaurant here, and do you know what they charge for a 16 ounce steak?


I love cooking, and prefer to cook at home, although sometimes there's nothing better then going out for a nice meal with friends/family, and it's not like I'm not NEVER going to eat out, and like I said, when I eat out, it's more of a treat for me, so I'll indulge. Last week I went to a local diner by my house and got a french dip sub with onion rings for about $7. Good deal and good food.

Next post I'll have a recipe for a breakfast sandwich since I got off on a tangent here.

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