Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No-knead bread

Success! (Well, almost total success).

I've been wanting to try making no-knead bread forever, so finally did it yesterday.

I made a couple of modifications though, the dough ended up sitting for about 24-26 hours instead of 12-18 (just because I was working), and I didn't get the bread out of the oven until 11pm last night, but I had a slice this morning, and it's really tasty!

Too much flour on it though, so I'll scale way back with the flour on the towels next time, and now I'd like to try and do a sourdough bread this way (if I can). Also, my dutch oven didn't have a lid (it broke :( but I just covered the top with foil and it was fine. I baked it exactly according to the directions and it turned out fantastic.

My dad is so excited to try it, and I think I'll do another loaf to take for Easter brunch on Sunday.

Here's the dough after everything was mixed together:

And the dough after 24 hours:
And how it looks inside: