Sunday, April 19, 2009


So, I'm doing this new workout program called ChaLEAN Extreme, and of course, with any workout program comes a food program too.

Those that know me know I hate the word "diet" and don't want to follow a structured eating plan, because even if I didn't want to eat say, artichokes, if you tell me I can't, then I want them.

Anywhoo, I was reading through the food guide that came with this, and a lot of the meals I would actually eat! It's real food! A burger with (gasp) RED MEAT! Everyone is all about ground turkey on a burger, but I'm sorry, if I want a burger, I want it to come from a cow (sorry, my vegetarian friends!). And the burger in the book is just that, ground sirloin on a whole wheat bun with oven baked fries. Something I make quite often. Her whole premise is picking leaner meats (which I already do). And steak quesadillas! Can't wait to make those.

Back to my post....I'm in the "burn" phase right now (the first phase of the program) and she has "burn breakfasts" and I just made my first, a goat cheese and tomato omelet.

  • 2 whole eggs with 2TB skim milk (I omitted the milk since I didn't have any)
  • 1 ounce crumbled goat cheese
  • Chopped tomato
  • I added an ounce of cubed ham
Well, the omelet came out kind of messy (hence the lack of picture), but it is really good! I love goat cheese but never thought to put it in eggs, but it has such a creamy texture, it's just delicious. (I just took another bite, and oh yeah, it's good, and good for you!)


  1. never thought of goat cheese with eggs either, but that sounds really good!

  2. I really do not like goat cheese, could I use another type of cheese and still be ok? Keep up the good work on your program!

  3. I looooove goat cheese! We put it in our omelets, in our salads, in our stuffed mushrooms, yum! We buy it in bulk at Costco lol

  4. OMG my verification word was 'cookies'!! hehe