Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sausage hash

I love when something like 2 ingredients turns into deliciousness.

My apologies for not having proper measurements for spices, but play around with what you have, what you like!  That's part of the fun in cooking!


  • 1 pound bulk breakfast sausage
  • 3-4 turnips, shredded and excess moisture removed (I grated mine in the food processor last night, then wrapped them in a couple of paper towels and threw in a bowl in the fridge overnight)
  • Your choice of seasoning (I used a few grinds of the sea salt shaker, a few shakes of pepper, a couple shakes of onion powder and a little sprinkle of cayenne pepper)
In a large skillet, crumble and cook the sausage until done.  Remove and set aside, reserving some of the fat (or if you were like me and made the sausage last night, melt a tablespoon or two of butter).

Add the grated turnips and sprinkle with seasonings.  Spread out an even layer and let cook for 5 minutes until they are slightly brown on the bottom, flip and cook for another 5 minutes or so, until the turnips have shrunk down and are tender.  (The difference between using turnips for hash browns over potatoes is that turnips won't get super brown and crispy like potatoes will).

Add the sausage back in and mix until everything is combined.

This came out great!  Will be a perfect breakfast on the go, or post workout snack, or really anytime meal.  Not sure about turnips?  Ignore the name, this is a great root vegetable, only has about 1/3 of the calories of potatoes, are an excellent source of Vitamin C, fiber, folic acid, B6 and a slew of other good stuff.  If you're curious about the taste, the first time I had them they tasted kind of like radishes, slightly spicy, but when you've cooked them down they are great.

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